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Section A : Open theme, monochrome

See definition of “Open” Monochrome photography in the Salon Rules

Section B : Open theme, color

See definition of “Open” Color photography in the Salon Rules

Section C : Summer time

The subject of the photo should be summer and the atmosphere it evokes. It may be taken anywhere: in the city or the countryside, at the seashore, in the mountains or on the beach…. The only thing that matters is that is should show what summer means to you.

Section D : Home sweet home

Your photo should show the comfort of home with curiosity, tenderness, even irony. You may choose to photograph indoors or outdoors, and the scene may or may not include people. How do you see home as a refuge, a meeting place, a shelter, a nest?

Section E : Minimalism

The minimalist movement arose in the early 1960s, in reaction to abstract expressionism and the figurativism of pop art. It espouses Bauhaus member Mies Van der Rohe’s statement that “less is more”, using extremely limited means. Thus, minimalist photos are objective, unambiguous, repetitive, and display a simple, elementary structure. There is nothing within the image to distract the viewer’s gaze. They show the ordinary in an extraordinary light.
Share with us your understanding of minimalism.