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Section A : Open theme, monochrome

See definition of “Open” Monochrome photography in the Salon Rules

Section B : Open theme, color

See definition of “Open” Color photography in the Salon Rules

Section C : Perspectives

Creating the illusion of a three-dimensional world with two-dimensional photos is no small challenge. You can use vanishing lines, high- or low-angle shots, scale variations as well as any natural or artificial means based on line geometry to give your images a sense of depth, dimension, and graphic impact.

Section D : Water

Water should be the subject or one of the main subjects of the image. Flowing, stagnant, unfurling water! The photographs can be taken in a natural environment that is either rural or urban. They could represent obvious spaces, such as the seaside, a river, a lake or a pond, or more unexpected scenes, such as a simple pool or even an aquarium. Water should be shown in its liquid form (no snow, no steam, no ice).

Section E : Festive Atmosphere

The image illustrates a ritual, a party, a celebration, a sports, cultural or social event and is dominated by jubilation or joy. It captures the excitement of a moment, the joyful dynamics of a group, the positive energy created and carried by a group. The image highlights an atmosphere, gaiety and cohesion shared by a community of individuals at a given moment. The presence of these individuals may be explicit or simply suggested. Images representing political events are not accepted.